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NITE Employees
Just a few of the employees

The Sacia family has employed hard working, dependable and polite employees. We try to make the customers comfortable and happy. The employees do the best they can to service or assist in any way possible. They are pleasant and take into consideration that the customer is there looking for information and assistance. The lot has a walk through gate that people may walk in after hours to view the products. On the trailers, there should be tags that give information on the trailers and pricing. Tractors and machinery, Jerry is the man you need to speak with. He is very knowledgeable about the pieces that he has for sale. This is a great opportunity to thank all of the people that have come in, viewed our site and purchased something from us. This is greatly appreciated and thankfull for.

SHOP TECHNICIAN -- 4/24/2017

General Shop Duties Include but Are Not Limited To:

  • Trailer brake/bearing repair;
  • Electrical repair;
  • Truck accessory & up-fit;
  • Snow plow installation
  • Truck service body/flatbed installation
  • Hitch/brake constrol installation;
  • Some welding & fabrication work experience preferred but not necessary


Lot Maintenance duties include:

  • Mowing
  • Trimming
  • Trash removal
  • Lot organization
  • Ability to maneuver trailers forward and backing up a MUST

Trailer Receiving and Assembly duties include:

  • Unloading partially assembled trailers upon delivery
  • Assemble trailers -- requires some heavy lifting (tires, trailers ramps, etc)


  • Contact Ron, Jesse or Jerry @ 815-239-9096
  • E-mail resumes to parts@niteequip.com
  • Fax resume to 815-239-9032
  • Apply in person: NITE Equipment, 2388 N. Conger Rd, Pecatonica, IL 61063


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